Tips to use Coupon at Dollar General like a pro

Dollar General Corp. is a discount retailer in the United States. Dollar General was founded by J. L. Turner and Hurley Calister Turner Sr. in 1939 and is headquartered in Goodlettsville, TN. The company offers a selection of merchandise, including consumables, seasonal, home products and apparel. It offers a focused assortment of everyday necessities, which drive frequent customer visits, and key items in a broad range of general merchandise categories.

Products Developed

Variety of products are being developed under the name Dollar General, few are listed below:

Daily Consumable Products

The company’s consumables include paper and cleaning products like:

  • paper towels,
  • bath tissue,
  • paper dinnerware,
  • trash and storage bags
  • laundry and other home cleaning supplies

Packaged Food Products

The company’s packaged products include:

  • cereals,
  • canned soups and vegetables,
  • condiments,
  • spices,
  • sugar and flour

Perishable Products

The company’s perishable products include:

  •  milk,
  • eggs,
  • bread,
  • frozen meals,
  • beer and wine

Casual Snack Products

The company’s Casual snacks  include:

  • candy,
  • cookies,
  • crackers,
  • salty snacks and carbonated beverages

 Health and Beauty Products

The company’s Health and Beauty products include:

  • soap,
  • body wash,
  • shampoo,
  • dental hygiene and foot care products

Products developed for pet animals, including pet supplies and pet food.

Learn How To Coupon At Dollar General

Types of Coupons

There is two type of coupons available to redeem.

  • Manufacturer coupons
  • Store coupons

Manufacturer Coupon

Dollar General accepts manufacturer coupons from any source, including printable coupons, insert coupons and digital coupons. There is no limit on the number of manufacturer coupons one can use with an identical coupon. For example, if you have “Limit 4 Like Coupons” in the print, it means you can use it up to four of those identical coupons. Dollar General also accepts Digital coupons.  A Digital Coupon is a mix of both store and manufacturer coupons. You can also win coupons by participating in Dollar general survey on their website

Learn How To Coupon Using Dollar General Special Coupons

Dollar General distributes store coupons through a wide variety of sources.

  • Digital coupon
  • Store coupon
  • Text coupon
  • Manufacturer coupon

You can get coupons by signing for their text coupon program by clicking on this official website. You can also get manufacturer coupon by clicking on this official page. You can use both the store and manufacturer coupon at the same time by stacking it together. For example, if you have a $1.00 manufacturer coupon for Pantene and a $1.50 Dollar General store coupon for Pantene, you can use them both at the same time to get a total of $2.50 off.

Dollar General Overage Details

If you have more coupons than the purchased product, you cannot get cash back, rather you can redeem the remaining coupon amount with other product. For example, if the bottle of Shampoo( Any product ) you are purchasing is priced at $2.00 and you have $2.50 in coupons, you will get the remaining $0.50 applied as a discount off your remaining items. It’s important to note that Dollar General will not give you cash back if you have overage. They will only apply it to other items on your order, so add any other product to redeem the overage coupon amount,

Use weekly coupons for more savings

You can use the weekly savings available at Dollar General during special promotional Saturdays. With this weekly coupon, you can redeem $5 off from $25 of your purchase. You can print the coupon from this official web page. You can use the manufacturer coupon along with this weekly coupon to get another $10 – $15. Stacking the savings for deal scenarios like this ensures that you are using all of the savings opportunities available to you to save the most.